EITI Armenia Scoping Studies

In 2021 Grant Thornton prepared the Scoping Study to research the mineral water extraction and metallic mineral resources processing sectors (including activities of local entities engaged in ore and concentrate trading) to clarify the scope of the subsequent EITI reports of Armenia.

The study reviewed the above sectors and assessed significance of these sectors in the economy of Armenia, taking into account the requirements of the EITI Standard.  

 2021 Scoping Study for EITI Armenia 


The 2018 Scopping Study for the 1st EITI National Report of Armenia presenting metal mining sector. 

 Scoping Study for 2018 EITI Report  
 Appendices of Scoping Study for 2018 EITI Report

 Scoping Study for 2018 EITI Report  

 Appendix 1. List of Individuals and entities Interviewed for Study 

 Appendix 2. Review of Available Statistics

 Appendix 3. List of Mining-Related Laws 

 Appendix 4. List of Mining-Related Sub-Legislative Acts 

 Appendix 5. Information on Payments Made by Metal-Mining Companies to the Environmental Protection Fund (Armenian Only) 

 Appendix 6. 2015, 2016, and 2017 List of Metal Mining Licensees (Armenian Only) 

 Appendix 7. Social and Economic Expenditures Self-Reported by Mining Companies 

 Appendix 8. Revenues and Payments Legislative and Institutional Analysis 

 Appendix 9. List of Companies with Exploration Licenses (Armenian Only) 

 Annex 10. Inclusion of requirements of EITI Standards in the Text of Scoping Study 

 Annex 11. Table of Information on Data Availability 

 Annex 12. 2016-2017 List of Communities with Extra-Budgetary Funds (Armenian Only) 

 Annex 13. Legislative Reform Package as Proposed by the AUA Center for Responsible Mining (Armenian Only)